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Lumineers Los AngelesDental veneers are one of the most popular ways to make a big change in a smile. They can cover many different flaws with a single procedure, and the results can last more than fifteen years. If you are interested in these porcelain restorations, Dr. Ghasri and the team at our Los Angeles office may recommend Lumineers.

Unlike the conventional veneer, Lumineers are designed to be extremely thin, which means that they can be applied right over your own teeth with minimal or no preparation. They are made of a special type of porcelain called Cerinate porcelain. which can be milled as thin as a contact lens without compromising strength or durability. Because there is less preparation, they can often be placed in fewer visits, with no need for anesthetics, with no drilling and without shots or injections.

At your appointment, Dr. Ghasri will ensure that you are a candidate for Lumineers. They are a great choice for those with teeth that have chips, worn enamel, gaps, stains, or other irregularities. Once your candidacy is determined, we will take dental impressions. These impressions are used to make a model of your teeth and to create your new smile.

Once the lab finishes with the restorations, we will check each veneer for fit and appearance. If you are happy with the results, we will bond them to your teeth. The light-activated bonding material hardens immediately, and your teeth will be ready to use when you leave our office.

Each veneer is carefully crafted using Cerinate porcelain for a beautifully natural look. The porcelain is translucent and reflects light the same way that the enamel on your teeth does, but it will not stain or discolor over time. Once they are in position, they will look completely lifelike, and they will remain beautiful for many years. You can keep them looking their best with good dental hygiene and regular checkups.

If you are in the Los Angeles area and are interested in learning more about Lumineers, we can help. Call us to schedule your consultation with Dr. Ghasri and our team.

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